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Shawna was looking for the new 2017 Graduating Class of Seniors so I immediately expressed interest. Next thing I knew we were part of a group of young teens taking so many photos all over the valley. We did sibling photos, golf photos and cap and gown photos. I am a mom who LOVES pictures, I had the hardest time choosing photos at the end of the school year. So what did I do...I pretty much chose them all. I know, and observed proper etiquette during the sessions. With that said, I only took one photo from a distance because it was Shawna and Rick making memories for me.  I clearly saw the passion that Shawna has for these kids. I can't say enough nice things, but I can tell you that the quality of photos and the amount of photos to choose from are incredible. Thank you Shawna Steverson Photography for giving me so many memories of my Class of 2017 graduate🎓🎓

Lisa Bultman

Thank you so much for all the wonderful photographs you took of our daughter Mia. The photos are truly beautiful. Your photographs are really full of life and emotion. Mia looks so natural and at ease, even if she was looking directly at your camera. We really appreciate your professionalism, and this includes how your personality puts everyone at ease. A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures left us speechless.  Your creativity and timing caught the beauty and essence of her. You are amazing and truly fun to work with.  Shawna & Rick you two are like family and we plan to recommend you to all of our friends.

 -The Chapman Family

Roberta Chapman

Where do I begin? I cannot say enough positive things about Shawna Steverson Photography. This husband and wife team are an incredible duo; both genuine, caring, creative, professional people who make an amazing team!! I really had no idea going into this how much I really would end up getting out of the experience. Shawna put together a gorgeous, custom photo album for me that I surprised my boyfriend with and his reaction to it was priceless. Nothing is more important than your significant other telling you how beautiful you look. To be entirely honest, this photo shoot has changed my life more drastically than I imagined. I had a chance to see myself from an outsider's perspective and my confidence and love for myself as a woman has skyrocketed. If you are toying with the idea of doing a shoot with Shawna, don't hesitate because you'll be so happy you did! A HUGE THANK YOU TO SHAWNA STEVERSON PHOTOGRAPHY FOR GRACING MY LIFE WITH THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!

Linda McCollough

I would highly recommend Shawna Steverson Photography for your business photography needs. I am a salesperson and professional great looking headshots are one of the keys to success. Rick and Shawna were very easy to work with. They work great as a team and made me feel comfortable for my pictures. I ended up getting 3 fantastic professional headshots for my new marketing campaign. I couldn't have been more pleased with how they turned out. Thanks Shawna and Rick!!!!

Jason Isidore- Regional Account Manager Sage Smart Solutions

I can not say enough about the photo's that Shawna and Rick have taken for our family. This was our sixth photo shoot with them and each time they capture the true essence of us... It is one thing to get an awesome family photo but it is another to know your clients enough to get those special shots to bring out the true you!!! No words needed!!! Our family lives apart and this is a very special way to share how much we love each other and remember how special these times are... Thank you Shawna & Rick!!!


Trish Cole Brewster

Rick's images are definitely not average. His point of view behind the camera gives such incredible personal results. Every time he shoots our son's pictures they are priceless.

Monica & Larry Keatts- Keatts Racing